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New!  Mobile internet billing in Belgium

Belgium’s premium service market on the rise once again

Belgium was once one of Europe’s hot markets. However, in the past several years the market experienced abandon of premium services. This is now starting to turn around, as Belgian market is starting to regain its past glory. Be the first to take a bite from this “hot cookie” by connecting to Belgian market with its newest payment method, Mobile Internet Billing.

Belgium has always been one of Europe’s leading premium services markets. Premium SMS services reached over €120 million in the last 5 years and will continue to grow with the introduction of new payment solutions. With the rapid growth of smart phone users in the last 2 years, Belgian operators have recognized the opportunity to offer their customers a quicker and easier payment method with a simple one-click payment solution.

Regular stream of high quality content

Mobile Internet billing is even more tempting for end users who want to receive high quality content for their payment. They can create their own payment accounts cumulated up to €250 for different services per month for post-paid users and is flexible and can be customised. It is therefore highly sought for as a payment solution. This way, users can easily receive their weekly or monthly content with a payment solution that is customised to their wishes.

Reach end users interested in your content

NTH Mobile, as a leading provider in Europe, can now offer you Mobile Internet Billing in Belgium with opportunity to reach high-demand, quality content-eager and business-oriented end users by providing them:

  • Subscription services
  • Adult subscription services
  • High end user tariffs up to 25€ per transaction
  • One click payment method
  • Direct connection

Expand the reach of your content using Mobile internet billing.

Your account manager will guide you through the simple process as soon as you contact us!
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Belgium Quick facts

  • Population: approx. 10 million
  • Mobile subscriptions: approx. 12 million
  • Mobile penetration rate: 121,70%
  • Billing type: MT and MO billing