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New! – Kenya now available in NTH Mobile coverage!

Leading world mobile money market with 19 million users

It is not an exaggeration to say that Kenyan is a truly mobile market. Simply look at the facts: 65% of mobile subscribers use mobile money services, which amounts to 19 million mobile users that use mobile money services on a daily basis. Furthermore, 99% of Kenyan internet access is performed over mobile internet.

Fixed vs. Mobile

Due to poor infrastructure, the number of fixed phone lines is small in Kenya, just like in Nigeria. This drives Kenyan users towards mobile phones, resulting in a 107:1 ratio in favour of mobile subscriptions. We see the same patterns in phone usage as in Nigeria. Kenyan users rely mostly on their mobile phones in regards of SMS, internet and payment. Another supportive factor is the ever increasing competition between mobile operators, resulting with a proliferation of mobile subscribers with strong texting habits.

Investment-driven Kenyan mobile market

ICT sector is an important part of Kenyan economy. Mobile sector receives significant investment with a notable increase, financing the evolution of mobile technology and infrastructure. Another favourable element is the supportive regulatory framework that promotes a healthy competition on the Kenyan market. All these factors aid in creating a positive business environment.

Short time to Kenyan market

NTH Mobile can offer the following to those interested in entering Kenyan market:

  • MT billing
  • One Off services (Subscription services are coming soon!!!)
  • Up to 100 KES
  • Time to market in 3 weeks
  • Full regulatory guidelines

The next step in the development of Kenyan mobile market

The adoption of mobile in the Kenyan market is nearly complete. Now follows the next step: offering Kenyan mobile users a plethora of interesting and useful mobile services and content.

NTH Mobile will get your services delivered to Kenyan users

with a very short time-to-market. All you have to do is contact your account manager or leave your contact info.
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Kenya Quick facts

  • Population: 44 million
  • Mobile users: 29,2 Million
  • Mobile penetration: 74%