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MWC 2015 highlights

MWC - the incubator of new ideas and opportunities

MWC is over, and now the fun part starts. As the best place for networking in the mobile industry, MWC gave our partners and us the opportunity to create new business connections and renew old ones. After 500+ productive meetings, it is time to take all we learned at the Congress and create new, exciting business opportunities.

Lasting impressions and fruitful connections

We asked members of our team to take the time from their busy schedules and share with us their thoughts on the week they spent in Barcelona. They met 500+ clients and partners, some of which were previously arranged, some were walk-ins. Here’s what Ivan Dumančić from team Mocopay and Petra Mejaš from NTH Mobile said when we asked them about their time in Barcelona.

Tell us, what impressed you the most about the MWC?

I: The number of people is incredible. 95.000 people came through 240.00m2 in only 3,5 days.

P: I get amazed year after year with the shear greatness of the mobile industry machinery. It is fascinating to see this immense mass of people from around the world, and to be a part of it. This event is very motivating for me. It’s the right place to connect with new customers and partners and to see friendly faces that have been hiding behind business correspondence.

What did you find most memorable about people that visited our booth?

I: The fact that people waited in line to talk to somebody. There were eight of us at the booth at the same time, and still there were people waiting to get their chance to ask about products. Crowd attracts attention. We’ll be bringing even more people next year.

P: I had a few cases where people came and said: We heard about you and we want to work with you. It’s good to get proof of our great reputation on the market.


What portfolio item or brand in the NTH Group did visitors find most interesting? Were they surprised by the diversity of available solutions and platforms?

I: Mococheck (international mobile testing capabilities) and Adcumulus (affiliate software) proved to be attractive. Many vistors were not aware how comprehensive our portfolio was. We are not simply a Payment provider, but a “one stop shop” for mobile business.

P: Mocopay (mobile payment manager) was most interesting to the people I talked to. MWC was the right place to make contact with customers for our new payment system. There were also many inquiries regarding our direct operator connections for bulk messaging.

Which other presenters or brands impressed you?

I: Honestly, I had little time to see much. Our neighbours, Estonians, were cool. They featured football matches with robots every day, and you could bet which one would win and get a free trip to Estonia.

P: I was most impressed by innovative mobile gadgets for everyday activities and sports, for instance, LG’s interactive watches that also monitor heart rate, have GPS, unlock and start cars, etc. It’s a very handy, modern toy for a better lifestyle.

What surprised you most about Barcelona?

I: Our team performance. I was genuinely surprised at how we rocked the entire project as a team. We solved issues on the spot, coordinated even 5 meetings at a time and gave a great impression as a complete team. I knew we were good, but was surprised at how good we were :)

P: Gaudi’s Park Güell, which I finally had the chance to see for myself :)

When people ask you how it was, what’s the first thing that comes to mind (other than “exhausting”)?

I: Dynamic. Each of us held 50 or so meetings at average in 3 and half days. It was great to see so many people that I work with every day, and meet so many new ones. Yes, it is very exhausting, but I don’t think any of us lacked the motivation to give +100% every single day.

P: Dynamic, interactive, fun!

To finish things of, here’s a short video of our team’s trip to the MWC. Enjoy!

If you missed us at MWC, get in touch and ask whatever you want to know about our portfolio!

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