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Last ticket for MWC – the time is almost up!

Get it while you still can

2nd round of our MWC contest has finished and we have our second lucky winner! You have one more chance to win the free ticket to Barcelona. Take it!

Few days left

If you want to get the last free ticket for Barcelona, enter the contest. All you have to do is click once, twice… and enter the exciting race to become our final winner! You can also invite friends and colleagues to join and increase your chances of winning. The contest ends on 20 February, so hurry up and join the contest.

Congratulations to Zsolt Diossy from Crowd Mobile, the winner of the 2nd round.

Zsolt Diossy, winner of NTH Mobile’s MWC Contest, round 2

Zsolt Diossy, winner of NTH Mobile’s MWC Contest, round 2

Let’s get together in Barcelona

Don’t forget to arrange a meeting with our team or visit our booth in the App Planet pavilion, Hall App Planet, stand number 8.1 K51. You’ll find the contact for our team members in the side box on the right.



Arrange a meeting with our team! Use their contact info in the side box or use the contact form!

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