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Meet us at the European Summit in Prague

Make an appointment to catch up at the European Summit

Our team will be attending the European Summit, leading B2B conference for online entertainment industries in Europe. The summit will be held in Prague from September 22nd to 25th.

Cross platform content availability

It has become apparent that the latest trend in online entertainment is letting users grab content at their own convenience and using the platform of their own choice. Mobile is a large part of this new trend with the increasing penetration of smartphones and tablets. That’s why significant part of the summit will be oriented towards mobile payment, mobile SEO, mobile affiliate and mobile apps.

Another trend in the industry this year revolves around monetizing high volume of mobile traffic in second Tier countries.

NTH Mobile answers the call of the industry

As leading European provider for complete mobile solutions, we offer full approach solutions that include monetization system, mobile traffic, affiliate network, and so on. And we offer it with a worldwide coverage.

If you want to find out about what we can offer face to face, arrange a meeting with Monika Eichel, managing director at MoCoPay, NTH’s branch in Germany.


Monika Eichel
As a Managing Director at MoCoPay, NTH’s German branch, Monika posesses profound knowledge of German market trends and regulations.

Make an appointment with Monika in advance,

so you can catch-up during the Summit.
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