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MAD Conference – No1. SEE Region Mobile Ad Conference

12.11.2015 - Creating a live and vibrant mobile advertising market in South East Europe

As most local advertisers and agencies still consider mobile advertising as something that will come in the future, last year NTH Group organized a conference with the idea to educate the market and boost mobile advertising growth. The progress has been evident on the market since the first conference, so we are continuing with the second edition of MAD Conference.

MAD Conference program

This year we will split the program in two sections. The first one will be focusing on what is happening today and tomorrow in mobile advertising: trends, new formats, mobile marketing mix, optimization, etc.

In the second section, we would like to make a shift from “core” topics covered in the first section, and widen visitors’ horizons with non-standard forms of advertising, new mobile business models, etc. In any case, anything that is mobile and that can help companies to do their business better.

Some of our speakers:

  • Matt Jones, Client Services Director, Mobile5 (UK) – one of UK’s leading mobile agencies
  • David Skerret, Managing Partner, Nimbletank (UK) – works with clients such as Nike, BBC, Universal, etc.
  • Tim Green (UK) – one of UK’s authorities on mobile payment who will be talking about the combination of advertising and m-commerce
  • Representative from Gameloft, largest global mobile games developer, who will show the audience how to successfully do in-app advertising

There are more mobile devices than toilets in the world. Do we know how to use them?

The goal of the MAD conference is to show how a higher level of user interaction and engagement is achieved using mobile technology in mobile-advanced markets. In order to learn how we can harness the power of mobile technology and reduce the gap between mobile impressions and mobile ad income, last year we solicited the aid of top European mobile advertising experts. Here’s what they thought about the conference.

Alex Newman, Head of Mobile, OMD International, OMG EMEA, UK, winner of the Valencia Festival of Media award, Cannes Lions award, etc.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to travel to Zagreb and speak at last year’s MAD conference. The event is really pushing the mobile agenda in Croatia and a great way to learn about the latest mobile technology innovations, insights and trends.

Jascha Samadi, Managing Director / Founder, apprupt GMBH, expert in the field of digital industry from Germany

I was happy to see that mobile advertising in SEE is alive and kicking. Great speakers, great organization and an awesome audience.

Mark Brill, Strategist and Consultant for Mobile, Brandemotivity, BCU Future Media, UK, with 21 years of experience in digital channels and 11 years in mobile sector

The MAD conference was a superbly organised event. It brought together some of the best speakers in mobile to bring genuine insight into the channel.

David Skerret, Managing Partner & Head of Media, Nimbletank, winner of many awards in mobile industry

MAD Conference was a wonderful event: very well run, with amazing speakers from diverse fields. As a speaker and an audience member I was treated very well and learnt a lot about mobile in SEE and about mobile innovations across the world.


Who attended MAD Conference 2014?

The conference was visited by attendees from Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. 33% of the visitors came from advertising agencies. Next were representatives of regional brands (33%), media (22%). Finally, 7% of the visitors came from the technology industry.

MAD Conference basic info

  • Location: Zagreb, Croatia
  • Date: 12th of November. 2015
  • Organizers:
    • NTH Group brand ClickAttack – premium mobile advertising network, working primarily in CEE region
    • Croatian branch of OMD agency

If you want to learn more, or attend the Conference, you can visit www.madconf.com or ask your account manager for more information.

Hope to see you in Zagreb!


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