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M-Pesa Mobile Payment For Goods And Services In Kenya

Pay For Anything With M-Pesa Mobile Payment

M-Pesa is a mobile wallet that makes the need for credit cards or cash obsolete in Kenya. You can pay for practically anything: bills, tickets, tuition, money transfer, physical goods, salaries, etc. However, the most interesting thing for VAS is that M-Pesa supports one-time payments with payout of almost 100%. Over 20 million mobile users will be at your disposal if you choose to launch a service on the Kenyan market, which you can now do quickly with NTH Mobile.

Safaricom Network’s Road To Success

M-Pesa mobile payment service was introduced by the Safaricom network in March 2007. Due to the lack of adequate infrastructure and geographic challenges, introduction of mobile payment in Africa turned out to be the winning scenario. Only eight months after the launch of M-Pesa in Kenya, mobile payment was already spreading like wildfire, and the service recorded its first 1 million users. It took only until the end of the first year to reach the 2 million mark, and the faith of mobile payment in Africa was sealed.

M-Pesa Services

In June 2013 Lipa na M-Pesa was launched, a new service that allows Kenyan mobile users to pay for goods and services using nothing other than their mobile phones. M-Pesa offers its users a variety of services with a large array of tariffs, which makes paper and plastic money irrelevant.

  • Purchase of physical goods and services
  • B2C Bulk payments for promotional payments, field staff disbursements, salary disbursements, dividend payments
  • PayBill for simple single C2B transactions
  • Depositing cash to one’s account
  • Money transfer and withdraw
  • Paying school tuitions
  • International prepay VISA card
  • Buying Safaricom Airtime
  • Loyalty programs and more

20 Million Active M-Pesa Mobile Payment Users

M-Pesa mobile payment has become popular both in rural and urban Kenya since its launch. In June 2010, it surpassed 10 million active users, which is approximately 1/3 of the Kenyan population. In March 2014, the mobile payment service reports 19.95 million active subscribers, which means that almost half of Kenyan population uses digital money in their daily activities.

The reason behind its popularity is the simplicity:

  1. Register at any M-Pesa agent for free
  2. Load money at any agent by handing over cash
  3. Send money – it arrives instantly, as quickly as an SMS would
  4. Pay bills with a click or two
  5. Take money out at an M-Pesa agent or at an ATM

Consult with your account manager about your opportunities on the Kenyan market, or use the contact form.

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