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Virtual mobile numbers improve customer relations

Dedicated phone number for your company or brand

Internationally available virtual numbers allow you to have a dedicated phone number that won’t be shared with any other brand or company. Pair it up with our virtual office service to create a friendly and open environment for those that want to contact you.


Long numbers for inbound SMS messaging in 38 countries

If your company or brand has an international audience, the easiest way to set up a globally available communication channel for your clients and partner is to use a virtual mobile phone number. You can use it to receive SMS, thus facilitating a direct interaction with customers. Such open communication channel will create a more loyal user base.

Long numbers can be used for market research, competitions, product feedback, branding campaigns, loyalty programs, service opt-in, etc. NTH Mobile offers these dedicated phone numbers in 38 countries worldwide (check the full list in the sidebar).


A solution for incoming voice calls

If your company needs to receive voice calls along with SMS, we can provide a dedicated virtual mobile number. You can use it with a virtual office or to forward calls to telephone numbers of your choice, depending on the day of the week (work day or weekend) or time of day (within or outside working hours). Check the sidebar to see where virtual mobile numbers are available.


Virtual (long) mobile numbers Diagram NTH


Ask your account manager for more info about setting up a long or virtual number or use the contact form.

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