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Send Viber + SMS messages via web or API

Improve your business messaging with Viber + SMS

The most efficient communication channel is multichannel. With NTH Mobile, you can start a with a multichannel messaging service to benefit your business right away.

Reach your customers on the same platform they use to chat with friends and family – the Viber app!

Using Viber Business Messages, your brand can become a trusted contact among app users, which enables you to share your latest updates & information with them while offering an innovative engaging experience.

The benefits of instant messaging for business

Using an instant messaging service like Viber, you can:

  • Reach more than a billion unique registered app users
  • Communicate with them in a personal, engaging and cost-effective way 
  • Get an official branded company profile
  • Send Transactional or Promotional messages
  • Include up to 1000 characters, images and buttons (that link to a URL) within a single message – increase conversions
  • Reach high delivery rate with Viber + SMS scenario

How to start with Viber Business Messaging?

You can start sending instant messages to your users and customers in two simple steps:

1. Let us register you on Viber platform as an official business user, and help you create a uniquely branded Viber profile 
2. Connect via web or API:

  • Web interface – for simple and easy campaign management.
  • API – direct database integration for messages triggered by specific user actions or events.

With Viber, you only pay for successfully delivered messages.

To enjoy the highest delivery rate, you can use the Viber + SMS scenario – each of your contacts who is not on Viber will receive an SMS instead!

You can also use two-way messaging to receive customer feedback about your products or services and get valuable insights directly from customers themselves.

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