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Hungary – Premium services more attractive than ever

5 times easier with MT billing

Changes on Hungarian mobile market are making Premium services more attractive. Reducing the number of digits in short codes from 9 to 4 made them easier to remember and less complicated for end users. This, in turn, results in higher conversions for Premium services.

There is more good news! Hungarian MT billing market has recovered and the base of MT billing end users is growing each day.

Over 10 million mobile subscribers

Premium services in Hungarian mobile market have become more attractive and entering the market is easy. Yet we are making it even easier with 100% market coverage and additional services that support your entry to the market:

  • Dedicated and shared numbers
  • Customer care
  • Local market knowledge
  • Live remote testing (Simtest.it)
  • Translation and moderation services from native speakers

All service types supported

You can choose whether you want to launch a one-time, subscription or chat service, since they are all available in Hungary. Single opt in is used for one-time and subscription services. Adult services are supported with a mandatory age check, as well as quiz and auction/reverse auction.

For service initiation and usage, both MO and MT billing are supported.

FREE dedicated number is available for all service orders.

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