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Finland – NTH Mobile expands direct coverage

Finland - Home of mobile innovations

NTH Mobile offers you a direct connection to all Finnish mobile operators! Now we can guarantee full support, hasty service connection, assistance with local regulations for the entire Finnish market and native speaking customer care.

And what a splendid market it is!

Finland can boast with over 150% mobile penetration and long history of using SMS. The first person-to-person SMS was sent in 1993 over Radiolinja, Finnish GSM network.

Today Finland continues to be a market open to all mobile services with both MO and MT billing and allows following service types:

  • One time
  • Subscription
  • Chat

Even though quizzes, trivia and other similar services are not allowed, Finnish market allows sending more than one premium charged MT message to end users.

NTH Mobile’s offer includes:

  • full direct operator coverage
  • premium SMS (MO and MT billing)
  • native speaking customer support
  • live remote service test using SIMTEST.it
  • local market knowlegde
  • time to market: Immediately

To launch your service on Finnish market,

contact your account manager or use the direct contact form.
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Finland Quick facts

  • Population: 5,42 million
  • Mobile subscribers: 10,13 million
  • Language(s): Finnish, Swedish
  • Mobile penetration: 151 %
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • VAT rate: 24%