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Direct Operator Billing for premium services in Netherlands

Covering both SMS and mobile internet payment

In a country such as Netherlands where mobile users increasingly replace SMS with smartphone messaging applications, covering both payment channels is crucial to your service’s growth. That’s why you can now make your service more user-friendly for smartphone users with the help of NTH Mobile.

Premium services in Netherlands

Dutch market allows a variety of service types, such as dating and community sites, games, content download and adult. The only thing that matters is that they deliver high quality content, since this is a mature market with healthy competition.

This is true for adult content as well. You can now connect your adult services in Netherlands via Direct Operator Billing along with Premium SMS. Dutch market allows both soft 16+ and 18+ adult content.

Connect your services in Netherlands

NTH Mobile provides support for all types of services: subscription, chat and one-off services. When we talk about billing types, here is what is available:

  • Direct Operator Billing
    • tariffs up to 9€
    • time to market: 2 weeks
  • Premium SMS
    • tariffs up to 5€
    • MT billing
    • time to market: 1 week

NTH Mobile also supports In-app payment for Dutch market.

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Netherlands Quick facts

  • Population: 16,8 million
  • VAT: 21%
  • Mobile users: 22 million
  • Mobile penetration: 134%
  • Prepaid/postpaid ratio: 50%:50%
  • Smartphone users penetration: 61%