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Be First to Order Direct Carrier Billing in Bulgaria

Extend your reach in Bulgaria with Direct Carrier Billing

Direct Carrier Billing for two major Bulgarian mobile operators will make it easier to launch new mobile services and campaigns in Bulgaria over mobile Internet. M-Tel and Telenor together hold over 70% of the market of more than 10 million mobile subscribers. Find out more!

New offer for Bulgaria

We are finishing the process of connecting Direct Carrier Billing on the Bulgarian market, and if you order now, you can be among the first ones to launch your service on the market over NTH Mobile.

Following service types are available for the Bulgarian market:

  • Gaming (most popular)
  • Personalization
  • Adult
  • inApp services

Prices for Direct Carrier Billing range from 5.01 to 25.00 BGN (VAT excluded) for M-Tel and 5.01 to 10 BGN (VAT excluded) for Telenor.

NTH Mobile will support your expansion to the Bulgarian market with a complete set of services:

  • service delivery
  • technical support
  • consulting services
  • live service and campaign testing
  • customer care support

Contact your account manager for more details or use the contact form.

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