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Direct Carrier Billing in Finland

Direct carrier billing maximizes mobile content monetization

Even though SMS and premium rate calls still hold the majority of domestic revenue on the Finnish market, the demand for these services is inevitably declining.

Finnish mobile users have shown increasing demand for mobile content on their smartphones and tablets, but service and content providers are yet to monetize their demand.

This may be your chance to use direct carrier billing and monetize your mobile content in Finland.

1-click Direct carrier billing

Finnish market supports single-click mobile internet payment. After just one click, the mobile user lands on a disclaimer that can be fully customized for a seamless purchase experience that maximizes the monetization of your service, content or selling of physical goods, which is allowed in Finland.

Here is a full overview of  Direct carrier billing in Finland as offered by NTH Mobile:

  • Mobile Internet billing (3G/4G) flow supported
  • WiFi and web users payment via Premium SMS
  • One time services allowed (no subscription)
  • Fully customizable disclaimer
  • Three (out of four) operators supported (DNATieto, Elisa, Saunalahti)
  • Tariffs up to 60€ (Elisa and Saunalahti) and 20€ (DNATieto)

Premium SMS still alive and kicking

Even though the demand for SMS services is declining, the majority of the revenue is still there. And what better partner to choose than NTH Mobile to support your operations in Finnish market.

You can find details about our offer and the entire Finnish market on the Country conditions page for Finland.

NTH Mobile offers the entire package of services, including mobile payment, MSISDN lookup, market regulatory consulting, customer care in Finnish and Simtest.it – a worldwide solution for live, reliable testing of mobile services.

Connect Finland today. Contact your account manager or use the contact form.

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Finland Quick facts

  • Population: 5,42 million
  • Mobile subscribers: 10,13 million
  • Mobile penetration: 151%
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • VAT rate: 24%