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Cornerstones of quality affiliate software

How to determine which affiliate software best suits your business

With so many options for affiliate software on the market, how can you choose the one with the features that can provide the best results specifically for your business? Adcumulus affiliate software is full-packed with features that enable you to set it up in a manner that will produce the best results for you.

Get the best out of affiliate programs

In a segment that is as dynamic and global as programmatic advertising is, it is necessary that affiliate programs and networks differentiate from each other. Adcumulus will help you do that by offering different, attractive possibilities for creating profit, such as referral bonus programs or combination of fixed share and percentage for each sale. You will have at your disposal a myriad of tools that will help you track the success of your marketing activities with ease, and maintain an optimal communication with your affiliates.

Better fit for better performance

These and other features make it possible to shape the affiliate software to fit your requirements. You simply enable the functionalities you need and disable the ones you don’t at that moment. Here are several important functionalities:

  • Customize the visual identity (colours, logo)
  • Use custom tracking links
  • Referral bonus programs for affiliates
  • A variety of standard conversion tracking mechanism (server-to-server tracking, client based tracking)
  • Flexible payout models for affiliates
  • Support for working with multiple currencies, automatic currency conversion
  • Set permissions for affiliates’ access to the user interface
  • Complete freedom in creating different forms in the system (sign-up, promotion approval, etc.)

Support for specific conversion tracking

In certain business cases, it takes more than recording a single conversion after the click to track user activity. The best example of such case is a service with recurrent subscription or mobile apps with different payout amounts for different user actions (app download, app install, opening a user profile in the app, in-app purchase, etc.)

Adcumulus affiliate software has no limitations when it comes to conversion tracking in these more complex cases. The software supports multiple actions within a single offer, and you can set prices for each action or event in the offer. This really lets you fine-tune each offer to achieve the highest possible profits.

Get a free affiliate account

The free account offer has been extended, so you can still get a free taste of Adcumulus’ ability to merge with your business operations and achieve incredible results. You will get a 3 month free trial with:

  • 10 million impressions/month
  • 1 million clicks/month
  • 300 000 conversions/month

Claim your free account – contact us!

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AdCumulus use cases

  • Subscription services (mobile portal, SMS)
  • Mobile applications
  • Web services
  • Entertainment and games