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Conversions boom in Germany – 1click payment

New disclaimer customization options for Mobile Internet billing in Germany

Have you heard? Now you can customize your checkout page for Mobile internet billing in Germany. The checkout page is the pivotal place in the mobile internet billing purchase process, and you want and need that extra punch that customization brings.

Push the button for purchase

People feel more strongly about not losing money than to acquiring new possessions. If you customize your checkout page to make the mobile internet billing purchase flow fluid, you will increase the likelihood of your users clicking or tapping on that OK button.

Customization will not only shoot up you conversion, it will:

  • Increase perceived service quality
  • Help to build trust

So customize the checkout page and watch your conversions go through the roof!

Make the buying decision easy

Keeping your checkout page consistent with your landing page can be achieved by retaining the appearance from the first click on the banner to the last OK button.

For that extra kick, German operators allow you to change following:

  • Colour – background, text, button, button text
  • Font type and size
  • Button layout
  • Button dimensions

Operator coverage

T-Mobile, E-Plus and mobilcom-debitel allow full checkout page customization. Vodafone decides whether the checkout page can be customized on a case-by-case basis and O2 uses a carrier checkout page.

Contact your account manager and we’ll help you get started.

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The German offer

  • 100% operator coverage
  • Customizable checkout page
  • One-time & subscription services supported
  • Tariffs up to 30€
  • Non-adult and 16+ content allowed
  • Different types of services allowed