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Consumer Electronics Show – get on board the technical innovation train!

What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas!

At least not when it concerns the Consumer Electronics Show! We are bringing you a special report of CES 2014 as recorded by NTH representatives that attended.

This year’s CES lasted from January 7th to January 10th in Las Vegas and featured over 20 000 new products and technologies to visitors from all over the world.

The CES trifecta

Three main areas came in focus during the CES: television sets, wearable devices and on-board computers for automobiles.

When it comes to TV, what lies ahead seem to be curved monitors, 4K and 8K television sets and smart TV’s with built-in cameras.

Wearables are already on the market, although not yet as popular as manufacturers may hope. However, the focus was on smart watches, devices that monitor bodily functions and health and smart fabrics with built-in sensors.

And if part of what we saw comes true, driving experience will soon be enhanced by multimedia, advanced sensors and even self-driving vehicles.


Just like in the movies

For a while now the industry has been working on a way to commercialize hand motion operated devices.  This was the focus of this year’s CES when we look at software part of the show. We hope, as much as you do, that it won’t be long since we can operate our computers just like Tom Cruise in Minority report. :)

How innovations affect the Telecom industry

There are two ways innovation will affect us. First, advances in mobile devices hardware and software will continue to push smartphone penetration worldwide. Secondly, if wearables do become as popular as manufacturers hope, we will have to find a way to adapt and optimize premium services for these new technologies.

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