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Canada – Direct Carrier Billing Via NTH Mobile

Reach Over 26 Million Mobile Users With Direct Carrier Billing

Canada is attractive again! Premium SMS is dead, long live Direct carrier billing! Use it for one-time and recurring payments with dynamic pricing up to 50.00$ and monthly limit of 400.00$ per MSISDN. NTH Mobile covers all major Canadian operators: Telus, Rogers and Bell.

Popular Services In Canada

Canadian market supports most service types; only adult and gambling services cannot be connected. However, there are plenty of other service types popular among Canadian mobile users. Those are:

  • Games
  • Virtual credits
  • Dating
  • Social media
  • Apps

Payment Flow

When Canadian users use Direct carrier billing for one-time payment or recurring payments, they need to confirm the purchase with an SMS. This additional verification step is in place to protect Canadian mobile users.

While Canadian government supports innovation and competition in mobile payment products and services, they insist on maintaining the integrity of the Canadian payment infrastructure and protect both end users and service providers against technology and operational risks.

To connect a premium service in Canada, or simply get more information, contact us or ask your account manager.

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