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Brazil – Direct Mobile Billing 4 Subscription Services

Direct mobile billing for Brazilian mobile users

Using direct mobile billing or SMS payment, over 278.48 million mobile users in Brazil can pay by mobile for video streaming and games. A variety of other services is also supported by mobile payment, including online micropayments. NTH Mobile offers a full package for any partner or client that connects Brazil, including consulting, unique advanced testing service, and professional customer care.

Direct mobile billing with PIN confirmation

At the moment, direct mobile billing with PIN confirmation is available in Brazil. However, 3G/4G flow is in preparation and will be available soon. While subscription services can be set up using direct mobile billing, they are not supported by Premium SMS. You can use Premium SMS for one-time services with no double opt-in. All types of content are allowed on the market and monthly spending limit is 339 BRL/MSISDN (operator).

Consulting and support during and after service approval

In order to facilitate a speedy and smooth service approval, your account manager will assist you with document preparation. Since documentation must be in Portuguese, you’ll have a native speaker at your disposal for translation and proofreading.

After your service has been approved, you will want to test it to ensure that everything is running properly. For that, you’ll use Simtest.it, as the service covers all Brazilian operators. That way you can get instant, reliable confirmation that the service flow is flawless.

Professional customer care service via e-mail will also be at your disposal to handle any customer issues.

If you would like to read more facts about the Brazilian market, you can visit the Country conditions page.

With our full support, connecting a service in Brazil will be a breeze. Start by contacting your account manager!

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