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Belgium: High converting mobile billing

Use your own mobile billing checkout page in Belgium

13 million Belgian mobile users can pay for your services with one simple click. Single click mobile billing results in better conversion, and if you customize your checkout page, as Belgacom allows, conversions will be even higher!

Be creative and reach 6.5 Million of Belgian mobile billing users

Belgacom, which holds 50% of Belgian mobile market, allows you to use your creativity and create the checkout page that will be attractive to end users and entice them to opt in to your service. And you can do it for both one-off and subscription services.

You can customize it completely:

  • Background picture
  • Service logo
  • Button colours
  • Text colours and fonts
  • Service description text

As for the rest of the market, the situation with mobile billing is following:

  • Mobistar holds 39% of the market and supports one-off and subscription services, and hosts the checkout page
  • BASE (KPN) (only 9% of the market) supports one-off services, mobile billing checkout page is hosted by the carrier

Virtually all service types are allowed

That means that, with a wide range of allowed service types, flexible price points and spending limit up to 250€/month, you can offer any type of service that comes to mind:

  • Games, applications and music
  • Greetings, literature, news
  • Mobile fun downloads
  • Music, ticketing
  • Physical goods
  • Adult (18+) and non-adult


You can find more information about Belgian market in Country conditions.

We’ll provide assistance with service connection, checkout

page customization and acceptance test! Contact us to get started!
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• Belgium Quick facts

  • Population: 11 milion
  • Mobile subscribers: 13 million
  • Language(s): Dutch, French, German
  • Mobile penetration: 119%
  • VAT rate: 21%