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Balkan Express – Direct Response Marketing

Special Offers And News For Direct Response Marketing Solutions In Balkans

More options for direct response marketing solutions in Balkans: dedicated short code offer in Slovenia, new Premium SMS rates in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and voice connection for premium services in Kosovo and Albania on the way.

Dedicated Short Code In Slovenia

The first special announcement from Balkans comes from Slovenia. It’s a special offer for a dedicated short code with easy-to-remember numeration. The short code will be delivered immediate and can be used for all service types.

New Premium Sms Tariffs In Croatia And BiH

Good news for all of you who use or think about using mobile payment solutions in Balkans. Premium SMS tariffs in Croatia have increased to 80.00 HRK (from previous 50.00 HRK). The tariffs are available for MT billing and all service types.

Bosnia and Herzegovina also offers increased tariffs for MT billing. 10.00 KM is the new tariff max, increasing from the previous 6.60 KM max tariff. New tariffs are available for all service types.

Introducing Voice For Premium Services In Kosovo And Albania

Finally, we will soon be connecting Voice for Premium services in Kosovo and Albania. We’re taking this opportunity to give you a heads up. Do you have an interest in using Voice to charge for Premium services in these countries? Get in touch so we can discuss how using Voice can be more cost efficient and profitable.

Contact us for more info about news and offers, or ask your account manager.

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