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Austria: Single click payment for 14 million mobile subscribers

Conversion rates boosted by 73% of post-paid users

With population of just above 8 million, Austria is a home of 14 million active mobile subscribers. It is also one of Europe’s leading countries when it comes to percentage of post-paid users. With 73% of users using post-paid SIM cards you won’t have to worry about billing success. You can launch one-time and subscription services with tariffs up to 100€ for T-Mobile users and 10€ for other operators.

Boosting mobile broadband, social media & mobile games

Did you know that 56% of Austrians have mobile broadband subscription? With 3,2 million active social media users this makes it a perfect environment for mobile social media services. Purchase of premium social network or community site accounts is especially popular within younger population. Mobile broadband access also makes mobile games and entertainment extremely popular and available on the go.

NTH Mobile provides a full package for Austria

As a mobile payment expert in DACH region, NTH Mobile can back you with a full package for you services. Here is how we support your expansion to Austria:

  • full market coverage
  • 1-click payments and Premium SMS
  • tariff up to 10 EUR (up to 100€ with T-Mobile)
  • one-off, subscription and chat services available
  • 18+ content accepted
  • native speaking customer care
  • live remote test using SIMTEST.it
  • time to market: IMMEDIATELY

If you’re interested in more facts and figures about Austria, find them in our Country conditions.

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Austria Quick facts

  • Population: 8,5 million
  • Mobile subscribers: 14 million
  • Mobile penetration: 165%
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • VAT rate: 20%