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Austria: Create your own WEB or WAP billing disclaimer

Different levels of WEB and WAP billing disclaimer customization

T-Mobile Austria now enables disclaimer customization for both WEB and WAP billing (mobile internet billing). Not only can you customize it, you can make it completely yours! The more you customize, the higher will your conversion rates be.

Each template covers both WEB and WAP billing

WAP billing is executed on a mobile device while on 3G/4G connection and doesn’t require PIN code verification. WEB billing originates from laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices that are connected to the internet via WIFI or landline internet and requires the usage of PIN code verification.

Three templates for different levels of customization

T-Mobile Austria is offering Standard, Advanced and Professional templates, each with a WEB and WAP billing layout.

  • Standard template allows insertion of a banner
  • Advanced template supports additional product picture and text
  • Professional template allows complete disclaimer customization for optimal conversion

All three templates feature customized footer with links to terms and conditions, privacy policy, contact information, etc.

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