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Affiliate software that changes the game

AdCumulus affiliate software: your solution for affiliate marketing

Low conversion rates, wasting time on manual configuration of campaigns in multiple ad networks – does this sound familiar? You are putting a lot effort in affiliate marketing to maximize performance, but simply cannot shake the feeling that you could do better?

AdCumulus is the solution! Our Affiliate Software takes care of optimizing your conversion, whether you are working with affiliates or buying traffic using the CPM model. Now you can finally buy only valuable traffic that converts!

Why use Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing has become the favored online marketing strategy of today. Better said, it is a „must have“  for increasing efficiency of your service advertisement. With affiliate marketing, you can forget about any costs unrelated to sales, since its concept is very simple: the affiliate promotes your services, and you reward them in a commission-based way, by paying only for measurable sales results.

Once you get started, your affiliate program success is based on the strength of your partnerships, so it is essential to build the network of different affiliates and track their performance. Managing a bunch of affiliate relationships can be very time consuming without the right tool. AdCumulus affiliate marketing software is the solution!

AdCumulus - Managing affiliate programs and networks with ease

AdCumulus affiliate software is a cloud-based solution for affiliate programs and networks, with a variety of features that will cover all your current and future needs regarding affiliate marketing. It is impossible (or at least not very practical) to describe all of them in one single newsletter, so we will expand this subject in two next newsletters, creating an interesting “AdCumulus Affiliate Trilogy”. Keep following us to get familiar with all the tips and tricks with which AdCumulus can support you. In the meantime, you can find more info about the affiliate marketing software on AdCumulus web.

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  • 10 million impressions/month
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  • 300 000 conversions/month

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AdCumulus use cases

  • Subscription services (mobile portal, SMS)
  • Mobile applications
  • Web services
  • Entertainment and games

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