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Affiliate marketing software

Use your advertising budget the smart way with affiliate marketing software

If you want to increase efficiency of your service advertisement, consider performance marketing. It is a low-risk form of advertising, since you pay only for measurable results. In order to manage your affiliates and track their performance, you will need affiliate marketing software. NTH Mobile provides advanced cloud-based affiliate marketing software.

Why is affiliate marketing better? Because it’s like having an unlimited global commissioned sales force working for you!

Solution for managing affiliate programs and networks

With affiliate marketing software, you will be able to tailor payout models and amounts to your affiliates. You can pay them per click, per action, or share your revenue. Along with these fundamental actions, you will be able to differentiate first-time conversions (e.g. service subscription or the first-time purchase) from all further actions (e.g. a renewal for recurring services). Using industry standard conversion tracking methods and fraud prevention, affiliate marketing software provides you safe tracking with high accuracy.

Your service will be advertised on pages that are content-wise related to it. That means that your audience is interested in the type of content your service offers. Or in more technical jargon, you will have access to “warm” leads. Targeting based on user data is available – device, connection type, mobile operator, etc.

No science fiction behind it

No science fiction behind it

Our Affiliate marketing software comes with a simple-to-use web based interface that provides full control over your affiliate program:

  1. Set up offers with targeting options and custom payouts
  2. Manage affiliates
  3. Create invoices and control payouts

If you want to monitor your campaigns and analyse results, you will be able to do so using an insightful dashboard that provides information about marketing performance, affiliates, offers, etc.

Affiliate software analytics overview

Affiliates will be lining up to join

Affiliates joined in your affiliate program get access to web-based interface where they can browse offers, communicate with affiliate managers and check statistics. Using referral programs, you can award affiliates for bringing new ones to your affiliate program. This way you can quickly expand your affiliate network and keep your affiliates satisfied.

Propel your service advertising to new spheres!

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Test high-end affiliate marketing software for free

If you want a demo account to test how much affiliate marketing software can increase your revenue, get in touch with us and you’ll get access to the web based interface.

Every service type can use affiliate to increase revenues

  • Subscription services (mobile portal, SMS)
  • Mobile applications
  • Chat services
  • Voice services
  • Web services