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Programmatic Affiliate Software enables direct media buying

You can’t find enough valuable traffic? There’s now a solution to that problem – Affiliate Software with programmatic (DSP) integration.


Why programmatic?

Programmatic is not just a temporary buzzword, it’s a growing trend and de facto standard. In 2017 alone, programmatic display ads accounted for nearly 80% of display spend, and that number is growing fast.

Programmatic platform that works for the interests of traffic buyers is called DSP (Demand-Side Platform). DSP’s main purpose is to automatically find (and buy) the right traffic at the lowest price possible. And now you can do it straight from your tracking platform, too.

If you’re still having doubts, maybe this funtastic infographic will convince you to consider programmatic advertising.


Introducing Programmatic Affiliate Software

AdCumulus has been setting new standards in online advertising technology since 2004. Its feature-rich Affiliate Software is already one of the the top tracking platforms on the market. Now we’ve taken it even further by combining Affiliate Software with the latest programmatic technology.

Thanks to the new DSP integration, you can now buy valuable traffic directly from publishers worldwide from the same familiar interface of your tracking platform.



The right time to go programmatic is now

Your job is to simply set your targeting and define the highest price you’re ready to pay for specific traffic. After that’s all set, DSP starts looking for the appropriate traffic and bids for it in real time, trying to get the lowest price possible.

In other words, you still get the same fantastic tracking tool, but with a whole new range of marketing opportunities that will help you not only to earn more, but also to save your time, money and resources.

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