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New! 3G Mobile Internet Billing For 40 Mil Turkish Mobile Users

1-click mobile internet billing on Turkcell

While direct operator (carrier) billing has been available in Turkey for a while, Turkcell now supports 1-click 3G mobile internet billing for web or HTML5 mobile websites. With Turkcell’s 55% market share, this means that you’ll be able to accept instant, user-friendly mobile payments from almost 40 million Turkish mobile users.

Up to 90% payouts for mobile internet billing

3G version of the direct operator (carrier) billing is significantly more user-friendly for end users. Instead of using PIN verification, as web billing does, mobile internet billing brings down users’ effort down to a single action – confirming the payment.

A specificity of the Turkish market defines that the content is to be delivered exclusively online, which includes using a HTML5 mobile portal. SMS can be used as the integral part of the service, for instance, for sending a password required to access the mobile portal.

Accept 1-click mobile payments in less than 2 weeks

Even though service approval is case by case, we’ll make sure your service is approved in the shortest time possible. We’ll provide maximal support in service preparation and consult you in all matters related to service ordering. Once your service is approved, we’ll continue to provide support with:

  • Professional and experienced Customer Care service
  • Live, remote testing of services (Simtest.it)

Supported service types

  • Lingerie and swimsuits content
  • Games
  • Social networks
  • Physical goods
  • Contest, quizzes, auctions and gambling (allowed under the condition that you possess a licence)
  • Other digital goods

Contact your account manager for further instructions or use the contact form.

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