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What is is a unique testing solution that allows precise testing of mobile campaigns. is a network of HSPA modems deployed in various countries around the world. Each modem contains local mobile operators’ SIM cards. You can test the functionality of mobile (SMS, MMS, Web content) and voice services from a remote central point, just as if you were physically present within the reach of a local operator.

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What are NTH Mobile Solutions?

NTH Mobile provides complete solutions for various industries, which includes solutions for mobile payment, mobile messaging, mobile marketing and various support services.

Our unique solutions cover more than 190 countries worldwide - you can check each of them on our coverage page, with specific country conditions listed for mobile payments. If your target country is unlisted, feel free to contact us so we can add it to our list through a mutual partnership.

In case of technical difficulties, who do I contact?

We provide 24x7 technical support for all our customers. You can always contact your account manager, and in case of emergency outside working hours use the 24x7 contact that will be provided at the beginning of our cooperation.

How can I get any of your solutions or products?

If you have found something in our portfolio that interests you, then simply contact us here or type in your message in the contact box on the right. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.