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What are Zero rated short codes?

Zero rated short codes are codes that enable users to send texts free of charge. You can read more on our standard/zero rated short codes page.

What are standard rated short codes?

Standard rated short codes have minimally three digits and are charged with standard operator rates. You can find out about their benefits on our standard/zero rated short codes page.

What are Virtual mobile numbers?

Virtual mobile number (also known as long number) facilitates receiving international SMS via a virtual SMS number. A single international number is used globally, meaning that standard local rates are applied. You can find out more about its benefits on our virtual mobile number service page.

What does Two way SMS/MMS stand for?

Two way SMS/MMS stands for a two-way communication process between a content provider and end users. It means the content provider can send messages to end users, and vice-versa. Read more on benefits of two way SMS/MMS messaging here.

What is HLR lookup?

HRL stands for Home Location Registry. It contains all phone numbers with corresponding operator information, in order to find out which user belongs to which mobile operator. Read more about how it saves messaging costs on our number portability and HLR lookup page.

What is number portability?

Numer portability is the option of keeping the same phone number after switching mobile operators. Read more on our number portability page to see how it affects your messaging campaigns.

If my message does not get delivered, how will I know?

All NTH Mobile messaging products have the Delivery notification feature supported within the technical interface (API). In other words, for each sent message you will receive the status of delivery.

How can I tell which operators suport bulk messaging?

You can contact us directly for detailed information on countries and operators that support bulk messaging.

What is Bulk SMS/MMS?

Bulk SMS is a method of sending SMS text messages to many numbers at once. It enables you to send messages from your computer, server, Web site and application to mobile phones worldwide. Read more about Bulk SMS here.

In case of technical difficulties, who do I contact?

We provide 24x7 technical support for all our customers. You can always contact your account manager, and in case of emergency outside working hours use the 24x7 contact that will be provided at the beginning of our cooperation.

How can I get any of your solutions or products?

If you have found something in our portfolio that interests you, then simply contact us here or type in your message in the contact box on the right. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

What is a messaging aggregator?

A messaging aggregator provides a single access point to numerous mobile operators in countries around the world. NTH Mobile is one such aggregator (or messaging provider), also having vast knowledge of local telecommunication regulations which can help you in your mobile messaging campaigns.

What kind of content can I offer with Premium SMS?

With Premium SMS, you can offer any kind of binary content:

  • ringtones,
  • logos,
  • OTA data,
  • configuration data,
  • etc.

Can users reply to messages I send them?

Yes, if you implement the two way messaging solution.

What is the maximum message length for Premium SMS?

The maximum message length for Premium SMS is 160 characters.