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World Telemedia – “Driving Value Added Services for Voice & Mobile Billing”

World Telemedia – “Driving Value Added Services for Voice & Mobile Billing”

Driving value is this year’s leitmotiv of the World Telemedia Conference, taking place in Marbella, Spain from 18-20 October. The event gathers both innovative corporates and individual entrepreneurs who wish to develop new premium services, so expect billing and infrastructure experts as well as developers, promoters and different media & agencies players.

An event that brings all the key people from the industry is the perfect opportunity for NTH to participate and meet new business partners. We are eager to showcase our well-established platforms for the entire mobile value chain and discuss our one-stop-shop for mobile business with potential new partners.

Besides networking, we’re excited to hear our peers discuss the novelty in the industry at the conference! This year, more than 70 companies will participate at the event and 26 high level speakers will discuss new market opportunities.

Click below to contact us and set a time to meet in Marbella. See you there!

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