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Why SMS is a building block for new technologies – Meet us @ techsummit

Why SMS is a building block for new technologies – Meet us @ techsummit

Where does SMS fit in?

You might be wondering how SMS is relevant at a conference where main topics are Smart technologies, IoT, AI, Cybersecurity and Startups. Each of these areas can use messaging for alerting, security, customer loyalty, marketing and many other situations. Sure, there are other options, but none as cost effective, widely accessible or simple to use as SMS.

SMS expands the reach of new technologies

One of the most useful advantages of using SMS is its worldwide availability. Even when there is no mobile internet, or when users spent their mobile plans, they can almost always send and receive an SMS. We won’t even mention the staggering open rate – 90% of messages are read within first 3 minutes.

That’s why our team will attend this year’s techsummit in Bratislava. On 6th and 7th June, you can meet with them to discuss the best way to use our messaging API or Viber partnership to give your business a competitive edge.

Smart SMS

Let’s review some actual use cases of SMS for new technologies. For instance, Smart cities use SMS to send individually tailored and location-specific notifications, warnings and alerts to end users. Communication works the other way around as well. Users can send information from the ground, notifying the municipality of pressing issues that need to be handled.

Smart hospitals use SMS as the quickest, safest and most reliable way to communicate with staff and patients regarding appointments, reminders and other important notifications.

Machines using SMS

When it comes to IoT, Virtual Numbers are used to assign a virtual phone number to any application server, enabling it to send and receive text messages.

Cyber security uses SMS for identity validation, fraud protection and multi-step authorisation. Additionally, users who receive SMS alerts about their transactions can very quickly react if they notice suspicious activity on their account.

Importance of SMS for Startups

First of all, startups can base their entire business model on SMS. For instance Ugandan startup MoBFIT uses text messages to connect farmers with buyers, or Kalibrr, a job-matching platform that enables communication between jobseekers, recruiters and themselves using SMS API.

However, any startup can use text messaging for customer loyalty, research, advertising, alerts, notifications and reminders. Just remember, SMS is still the cheapest mobile marketing channel.

Arrange a meeting today

As you just read, applications of SMS in new technologies are limitless. If you want to be absolutely sure that you’ll get enough time with our team, contact Daniela or Mario today and arrange your meeting.