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Only 1 free ticket left for Mobile World Congress!

Only 1 free ticket left for Mobile World Congress!

Remember how NTH Mobile was giving away 3 FREE TICKETS to MWC in Barcelona this year? The second one just found its happy owner. If you’re not the lucky winner this time, there’s still time to change that. The VERY LAST FREE TICKET is yet to find its owner – take it from us!

Congratulations to our 2nd winner

NTH Mobile made Nabil Maaouane’s morning when we let him know that he will be going to Barcelona at our expense! Gorgeous city, great wine, and a phenomenal event which gathers everyone interested in, enthusiastic  about or expert at mobile – what more could you want from a FREE business trip?!

Here’s Nabil looking excited about winning a ticket to MWC:

NTH Mobile MWC giveaway second winner

World’s largest mobile congress will impress again

Here are some of the top reasons visitors of Mobile World Congress 2018 can smile wide:

  • 2,300+ exhibitors and 10,000+ operator attendees
  • 8 core event themes like The 4th Industrial Revolution and Applied AI
  • chance to network, showcase, and exchange ideas with industry leaders
  • one on one time with NTH Mobile representatives

You could be just as excited! Follow two simple steps to participate in the final round of NTH Mobile’s MWC ticket giveaway by clicking right here.