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You’re going to Mobile World Congress? So is NTH Mobile!

You’re going to Mobile World Congress? So is NTH Mobile!

You’re among the lucky people who get to go to the most anticipated, largest gathering for the mobile industry, organized by the GSMA and held in the Mobile World Capital, Barcelona. Industry leaders will gather, network, showcase, and exchange ideas. You’re going to Mobile World Congress – so is NTH Mobile.

We’ll be there as the leading carrier billing provider in Europe, MENA and Africa since 1999, presenting the full scope of our advanced mobile solutions, including:

  • Carrier Billing platforms & solutions for Mobile operators,
  • Carrier Billing for Content providers in 70+ countries,
  • Global A2P messaging services based on 0-hop connections.

Where can you find us?

NTH Mobile MWC18

Find us at Hall 8.1 – APP Planet Stand 8.1K51.


What should you pack?

  1. YOUR TICKET! Very obvious but better safe than sorry. Don’t forget your admission for the Mobile World Congress. If you still haven’t got one, there is still a chance to win it. Just suggest the sixth thing MWC goers should pack and the most creative answer will get a FREE TICKET for the Congress! [EDITED] All the free tickets are now in good hands!
  2. February weather in Barcelona is a mixed bag with a high of 11 and a low of 4 degrees Celsius. Even with all the meetings you’ll be having, there’ll probably still be time to get a glimpse of the gorgeous city, so here are a few options to spend your free time in Barcelona. Bring a coat and some waterproof shoes – and don’t forget to try some local dishes as you go!
  3. Even if you’re just planning on looking around, consider bringing a laptop or tablet. I guess your smartphone can do the track if not, but at an inspiring event focused on mobile technologies like MWC you just might get an idea you’ll need to research  ASAP.

  4. If you’re planning on doing some business at the events, remember to pack a stack of your business cards to pass around. Writing down your details on a piece of paper seems a bit unprofessional, and with so many people making their way through the Congress, you’ll need something others can remember you by.

  5. Depending on where you’re travelling from, you might have some time on the way to Barcelona to plan your visit to MWC, pick out the highlights you’d like to visit from the agenda. Be sure to plan a visit to NTH’s booth – find the team at Hall 8.1 – APP Planet Stand 8.1K51!

NTH Mobile team at MWC

NTH Mobile’s team is waiting for you!

Who’s coming?

Don’t miss the chance to get in touch with our team at MWC. Schedule a meeting at or contact our sales representatives directly and get first-hand information.